Art Classes

A colourist at heart, Kato can paint in a wide variety of styles – from realistic to abstract – in acrylics, oil and mixed media. Her subject matter includes food, rural and urban landscapes, and non-representational works. For the past 6 years, Kato taught painting at Baxter Arts Centre in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County where she focused on boosting confidence, offering creative solutions, and making sure that the process never gets overly serious. She also has taught weekly painting workshops in Portugal, and was an design instructor for three years at the Academy of Art in Toronto.

Kato is excited to offer her classes ONLINE. Read more about them HERE.

“Painting for me is about problem solving, communicating, and expressing intent. The act of painting allows me to carve out a private place to nourish my soul. I appreciate technique and composition, and paint what I find beautiful.”