The Prince Edward Community Arts Builder Award is awarded annually through Art in the County and Prince Edward County Arts Council. It is made possible by the generous support of Laurie Gruer and Monica Klingenberg of Chestnut Park Real Estate.


 “Aside from the teaching she does at Baxter Arts Centre, Kato is perhaps the ‘best connector’ of people in PEC. She is always connecting one artist with another, based on their interests or styles. She encourages people to experiment, to try new angels,and to recognize their own strengths. Kato has been instrumental inorganizing arts shows in the County and in Belleville. She holds art sales at Baxter to financially support that popular community place. She assists artists in writing grant applications. He single-handedly created the huge thermoter to measure the progress ffor the libary’s building campaign, Her art books, her supplies and her ideas are always available to aspiring aritists.”

“Kato porvides endless gneroistiy of spirit to everyone around her and is always accessible for ideas, advice or tips.”

“Hers’ is not a loud voice – but it is eminenlty consistent, supportive and kind. She has done marvellous things to build our creative community.”

“There is no doubt that Kato enriches community life in Prince Edward County through the arts. The arts can be the expression of creativity and imagination, wheather through visual arts. ,usic, food, wine – or it can be the gift and ability to live life artfully by being caring, passionate, understanding and encouraging. I think Kato is and has brought all of these things to many people in Prince Edward County.”

“She has guided and mentored so many art students, both aspiring and professional artists.”

“As a teacher she is an intuitive, knowledgeable, and talented, but most of all kind and supportive.”

“Kato’s given so much to the community, She has earned so much love and respect from so many people and she’s a very talented invidividual.”