On the first go, I thought about working with a narrative interpretation of “What’s Left Behind”, so wanted to paint images connected to my father (who was an artistic spirit), and also places and scenes that were beautiful and held happy memories.

Soon I realized that all of my paintings – regardless of the style – are composites of the artistic decisions I choose to let go, or keep. As tangible objects, paintings by their very nature, are “left behind”. For me, the process of making art involves the dance between chaos and control, unconscious play and conscious skill. Elements are often buried, then excavated, lost or saved. Cropping and editing is also essential to the idea of what’s left behind. Ultimately, what’s important for me is to paint, with emotion, what I think is beautiful – a colour relationship, mark making, a scene, a shadow or strong light on an object…

For the past year I experimented with some new media and techniques – oil and cold wax, oil sticks and charcoal. I was entertained by movement, shadows, and mark making in general. I trust my creative spirit and know it will never be left behind – it’s my anchor.

I am extremely grateful for the gift of time this past year which allowed me to play, experiment, create and teach online classes, and share beautiful studio space at the Armoury with dear friends and kindred spirits – Gerry, Laurie and Peni. That was the best gift that was given, and left behind, for me.

MEDIUM to LARGE PAINTINGS from What’s Left Behind
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SMALL paintings from What’s Left Behind