Are you retired with time on your hands, and want to get into painting?
Or have you always liked art, but life got in the way, but think that maybe now’s the time?
Do you want to improve your painting techniques, without compromising on fun?

Do you have money tied up in art supplies that are getting dusty and crying out to be used?
Are you in a painting rut – repeating the same mistakes and not really improving?
Do your eyes glaze over when you stare at a blank canvas and wonder where to start or what to paint?

Does your inner critic beat you up and speak a little too loudly?
Are you terrified that your friends and family will cringe when you show them your art?
Are you struggling to find a style that feels like it’s the right fit?


If any of these questions have been running through your head, I might be able to help.

I don’t claim to know everything about painting – no one does. I’m still learning everyday but I have helped a few hundred students over the last decade to become better painters – by creating classes that are both educational and fun. Students have ranged from complete beginners to semi-professional, working in abstraction or realism – which I both love. The thing that excites me most is the creative process – the joy watching how we each express ourselves so differently.

I’ve been painting all my life, and yes, it’s a sometimes a challenge to find the time for it. Believe me, I’ve had my dark periods of self doubt too, so I understand your struggles. Having the courage to create is not easy. You have to be brave.

I’ve learned the hard way, but time, determination, and investing in learning has made me a respected artist, and has brought me some financial success and recognition.

My passion for teaching, and sharing what I know, has pushed me to create an innovative online course that combines education with fun. No need to struggle like I did.

I want to inspire you, boost your confidence, and help you find your unique visual voice. I want to unleash your inner Picasso! To improve though, you need to combine play with some technical know how.

Consider joining me in a 6 week module painting course called GET CREATIVE with KATO.

The course is structured through a framework I created called SHOW, TELL and PLAY.

EACH MODULE explores a principle of art (for example: line, shape, colour, value or texture) or technique (for example: mixing colour, composition, using a palette knife, or working wet on wet). Class notes will be given for you to download as a resource. Learn at your own speed. All skill levels welcome. Your creative juices will flow, and we’ll have fun every step of the way.

EACH WEEK 3 educational videos will be available for you to watch at your own time.

SHOW – A digital slide show with commentary showing both contemporary and historic paintings to demonstrate the “theme of the week”. Make some popcorn!

TELL – An instructional demo video to showcase that technique or principle.

PLAY – An inspirational tutorial video outlining a corresponding assignment for you to paint in any style. Try out new ideas and experiment!


Participate in a small group coaching call each week. Show your work and get one-to-one feedback, or take this time to problem solve or get inspired.


6 instructional videos demonstrating an art fundamental or technique
6 digital slide shows with commentary showing both contemporary and historic paintings
6 inspirational tutorials that will offer ideas for painting, provide ideas for experimentation
6 weekly coaching calls to get direct feedback about your work and to help you problem solve
Instructional videos and notes explaining essential art supplies you need for get set up for painting in acrylics
Additional PDF resources to support you
Access to content for the rest of 2021

This course is online, accessible through an app, and watchable on your phone, tablet or computer.



Bonus 1!  Inspirational Photo Image Library Never be stuck for images to paint. Use these as a resource for painting ideas.

Bonus 2!  Access to the “Kato Clubhouse” private Facebook page. Show, Tell, Discuss, Thrive in a vibrant community with like-minded creatives.

Bonus 3!  Your private membership site Learn at your own speed on any device. Watch the lessons as many times as you want. For the whole year!

Bonus 4!  Kato’s Essential Guide: 10 Most Common Painting Mistakes

Bonus 5!  Discounted Rates on my Master Membership which will include: *Access to new courses and content,
*Weekly coaching calls after the 6 week painting challenge: Get Creative with Kato 6 week challenge is finished, and
*Access to the exclusive online community.




I am very excited about launching this online GET CREATIVE with KATO program in March, and can’t wait to see what everyone will create.

If you are interested in taking your art practice to the next level, or want to jump in and make art an integral part of your life, JOIN ME. I would love to be your remote art coach!

The program starts MARCH 15th. The cost of the course is $349, and you have access to all the content for the entire year. Learn at your own speed!

Give your HEART some ART time with me! Invest in your creative spirit – it’s the most beautiful way to age and one of the most beautiful ways to show self love – and isn’t that what’s it all about?

EMAIL ME and I’ll set up a call to discuss your goals and aspirations, take your payment and answer all of your questions.


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