In 2021, I took Kato Wake’s online course, Get Creative with Kato. I had taken two precious classes with Kato – both classes were extremely helpful to me as I struggled to move away from realistic paintings to a more loose, impressionistic style.

However, the most inspiring and challenging course was Get Creative with Kato. The course material is extremely well thought out and covers most basics of painting. The videos are very instructive and encouraging for an inspiring artist. The exercises are both exacting and playful. Because there is so much material, I intend to work through the exercises over the course of the next year as I continue with the challenge and delight of creating art.

I was forced to think outside the box of my previous experience in painting and to get in touch with my inner child. The exercises have pushed me to rethink everything about my painting: medium, colour, shapes, style, composition. I now analyze each painting I have bought from others or have painted myself to assess the style and impact of the piece. In addition, although I doubt I will ever be an abstract painter, I now can appreciate the merits of an abstract work.

The Facebook page and Zoom group put me in touch with other artists and has added another dimension to my artistic journey as I look at the work of others and communicate with them about painting.

This course is transformational. I highly recommend it to anyone of any age and at any stage of career.

Joanne Toews, Picton, Ontario

Get Creative with Kato is a carefully crafted course which covers many art fundamentals. Each session exploring an area of art includes a well researched SHOW video which provides insight into the Masters as well as history of various mediums, techniques and movements. In the TELL video, Kato demonstrates with skill, sensitivity and humour specific techniques and ideas. The PLAY section encourages attendees to experiment and play in the same areas.

Originally, as a person who has only ‘dabbled’ in art, I was concerned that the course was going to be way over my head, applicable only to experienced artists. However, I quickly discovered that the unique framework of the class and being able to view and the SHOW and TELL units at my convenience was conducive to learning. The PLAY section included many assignments with so much guidance and structure that eliminated any sense of overwhelm and allowed me to literally play! Plenty of resource material and subject samples were provided, which meant more time to play/learn/create and less time wondering where to start.

The zoom coaching was a great time to share learnings, struggles and accomplishments. Kato was always positive and encouraging, always finding something to build on, some small success. I was pushed to try new things, whether or not the outcome was ‘great’.

My knowledge of art history, including modern art, is substantially broader. My understanding of mediums and techniques has increased and my appreciation for art is significantly deeper. Thank you Kato for this great opportunity to learn with you.

Cynthia Hoy, Prince Edward County