Your course is everything I wanted to get out of a college class but without the pressure of being graded and way more fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Jane L

So many take always! Layering, mark making, neutralizing, varying shapes, hard lines! A lot to keep in mind as one paints but as you said it’s a process and a gradual build up. Will watch this one many times and evaluate my paintings in light of all of your tips. Painting abstracts is new to me and has allowed me to explore colours, line, texture and shape! A whole new world! Thanks Kato!!
JoAnn B

Wow, Kato! You have put together such a comprehensive collage of information on painting techniques, creative knowledge, examples loop and inspiration. I will never look at lines quite the same way. I am happy and grateful to reconnect with my playful spirit and joyfully remove my overthinking cap! It has been about 20 years since I took the colour theory course and it is so great to see it again presented so clearly. I will watch this many times as you have shared so many golden nuggets of information. Thanks for the valuable colour mixing demonstrations!
Marjorie S

I like how it inspires creativity and reminds me that there are no barriers. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Encourages me to get started and try out different things! 
Greta F

You have done an amazing job putting all this material together, and the video demonstrations are so good. Thanks very much for all your thoughtful work! ‍ Kato’s Art Course is packed with information. Everything from the most important, and less extravagant supplies, to inspiration for painting and freedom of expression. Her videos are very clear and interesting, and the technology is user friendly. I have been inspired to go further with my artistic endeavours and try different techniques
Wendy C

I’m taking away a lot of inspiration! Going to explore with underpainting and different brush work. Excited to start the process!
Nina E

I love doing the shape exercises. The paintings are dynamic, the mood is lighter. I am getting a better appreciation of Modern Art; the freedom it permits and the playfulness.
Joanne T

I’m loving this segment. I particularly love the idea of breaking down the landscape into blocks/shapes and simplifying the basic composition. This is really helping me when I am struggling with whether or not I have a good composition. 
Lori R

I really like the idea of creating a painting as a process of problem-solving. Watching you go through the process from beginning to end and explaining each step (i.e. identifying the problem and then implementing the solution) was extremely interesting and useful. I could watch this for hours!!
Helen F

Get Creative with Kato is a carefully crafted course which covers many art fundamentals.  Each session exploring an area of art includes a well researched “SHOW” video which provides insight into the Masters as well as history of various mediums, techniques and movements.  In the TELL video, Kato demonstrates with skill, sensitivity and humour specific techniques and ideas.  The PLAY section encourages attendees to experiment and play in the same areas. 
Originally,  as a person who has only ‘dabbled’ in art,   I was concerned that the course was going to be way over my head, applicable only to experienced artists. However, I quickly discovered that the unique framework of the class and being able to view and review the SHOW and TELL units at my convenience was conducive to learning. The PLAY section included many assignments with so much guidance and structure that eliminated any sense of overwhelm and allowed me to literally play! Plenty of resource material and subject samples were provided, which meant more time to play/learn/create and less time wondering where to start.
The zoom coaching calls were a great way to share what we learned, struggles and accomplishments.  Kato was always positive and encouraging, always finding something to build on, some small success. The sessions where we created together on line were especially enjoyable and productive. I was pushed to try new things and whether or not the outcome was ‘great’ the process sure was. My knowledge of art history, including modern art, is substantially broader. My understanding of mediums and techniques has increased and my appreciation for art is significantly deeper. And I still have the rest of the year to revisit the course. Thank you Kato for this great opportunity to learn with you.
Cynthia H