Q What medium is the class taught in? Watercolour? Oils? Acrylics?

A. You can work in any medium for the exercises but for the demo videos I paint in acyrlics. They dry fast, are economical and can be used in many ways so especially if you a beginner, I think acrylics is a good starting point.

Q Will you give us a material list?

A. FOR SURE! I will give you a list of what is needed for every exercise (there are over 50). And give you a list of basic supplies to get you started as well. In the TELL videos I’ll cover a lot of material tips and information.

Q How long are the videos?

A. They vary in length with the longest one about 20 minutes, and the shortest one about 2! You can stop them at any point, rewind or fast forward too.

Q What can I expect from the coaching calls?

A. Everyone wants something different from me as a coach so it’s very personal. You can show me a work in progress or a finished work for feedback. Or you can use the time to talk about materials and how to use them. Or clarify something you didn’t quite understand in the exercises or videos..

Q How is payment made?

A. There are many ways for me to take your money! You can send me a bank transfer or E transfer, paypal or pay by credit card using STRIPE.

Q I am a COMPLETE beginner. Is that a problem!?

A. Fear thee not! You are a blank canvas and can learn good habits out of the gate. Everything is SUPER clear and if you don’t understand something, I am there for you. Regardless of your skill level, you can find meaning in all the videos and dive into the exercises. The only thing you need is curiosity and courage!

Q How much time should I allow? How long will the course take to do?

A. Everyone is different of course, and learns at his or own speed. You can do the exercises and watch the videos over and over and as you change, what you produce will too. You can spend an hour a week or an hour or more a day, You have the rest of your life to paint, so enjoy the time. The more you commit the more you will see your journey unfold.